Haier Air-Conditioner Benefits & Features

Green Energy

Green Energy

R32 is an environmentally friendly refrigerant that was introduced to replace the R410a in the air-conditioning system. Compared to R410A R32 is an environmentally friendly refrigerant with a low Global warming potential (GWP). It reduces the impact of refrigerant gases on global warming that cause climate change, helping us to sustain our planet for our future generations.

Highly Efficient Refrigerant System

On top of the zero-ozone depletion potential, R32 systems use up to 20% less refrigerant than a similar capacity R410A system, making them more efficient and less costly to operate. As a single component refrigerant, R32 is also easier to recycle than R410A, allowing re-use of the refrigeration.

Full Direct Current (DC) Technology

Haier Multi-Split System features full DC motors and compressor which effectively improves efficiency and reduces noise. The Full DC Technology also increases stability during operation and thereby ensures the durability of the system.

Brand-new Design of 3 in 1 Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Unlike other brands which use 3 individual PCBs, Haier has designed a 3-in-1 PCB with highly reliable parts to ensure high performance which will allow more space for heat dissipation, enhancing the lifespan of electronic components and ensuring the longevity of the PCB.

Low Standby Power

With the introduction of a new PCB design in our system, the power module of the outdoor unit will be shut off during standby mode and thereby reducing unnecessary wastage of energy costs.

Enlarged Outdoor Power

The enlarged 550mm diameter outdoor fan enables a more effective heat exchange at lower rotation speed. This also helps in reducing the noise level by 3dB(A) compared to conventional models.

Full Comfort

3D Airflow

Haier air-conditioners have a unique design that allows the louvres to move both horizontally and vertically, rather than just up and down like most other brands. This provides an even greater width coverage all around the room, allowing you to keep your toes nice and toasty no matter where you are in the room.

Whispering Air

Allowing you a good night sleep with Sleep Mode by adjusting air conditioner temperature settings natural lower night air temperature without disturbing you with lower temperature your body can accept. This mode helps compensate for the loss of energy through overcooling.

Sleep Mode

This mode helps to reduce the unnecessary wastage of energy consumption. It will also regulate the air around you throughout the night automatically to ensure a good night sleep.

Optimized Fan Blade

The fan blade of Haier air-conditioners is designed with an inclination angle of 25° to minimize the noise when air passes through. This design is highly efficient in its energy consumption yet quiet, powerful and reliable.

Cool Efficacy

Optimized Cooling

Smooth and effective cooling is assured with the space-efficient evaporator design of Haier air-conditioners. The fan distributes cool air rapidly and evenly around the room, allowing for an optimum temperature level in any space.

Turbo Cooling

When Turbo cooling is turned on, the frequency of the system’s motors will be adjusted automatically. This enables the system to chill the space rapidly and provide a comfortable environment in the shortest amount of time. 

Better Air Duct

The size of the air inlet has been enlarged by 17%. The air exit has been expanded, as has the distance between the evaporator and the front panel. The enhancement helps to increase the volume of airflow.

Strong and Long Distance Airflow

Haier air-conditioners feature an improved air outlet, a more efficient fan and better volume capacity. With these improvements, the cool and clean airflow can travel up to 20 meters, covering every corner of the room.


Silver Nano-particles Technology for Healthier Air

Nano Silver Technology in the Haier air-conditioner means better quality of life —because you’ll be breathing more fresh air and less allergens, germs, and odors. It also helps prevent bacteria and mold from growing inside the unit. This air-cleaning technology has rejuvenates indoor air quality.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Low Outdoor Unit Height

Unlike some brands, the compact outdoor units Haier air-conditioners can be installed easily through a HDB window.

One-Screw Wiring

As it only one screw to open the valve cover for wiring, this makes installation and checking fast and efficient.

Easy Start-up & Maintenance

The built-in digital screen allows easy recognition of error codes when a fault is detected. All running data can be checked on-site testing software. These two tools make easy start-up & maintenance.

Easy to Vacuum

With only one General Stop Valve, vacuuming the entire Multi-Split system can be done easily.

Haier Series Comparison

Features Comparison Table

Haier Series Specifications

Haier Flexis Multi-Split Series

Haier Flexis Smart Multi-Split Series

Haier Quartz Single-Split Series

Connecting Haier Haismart App

Applicable to Haier Flexis Smart series only.

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